Fruits in Suits Japan 4th Anniversary Fall Fete - Visibility for Youth


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〜在日フランス大使館 / アンスティチュ・フランセ日本協賛〜
<フルーツ・イン・スーツ 4周年記念イベント>
【日時 】

お申し込み方法はこちら→ http://fruitsinsuits2ndanniversary.peatix.com
ゴールド寄付有り参加費: 75,000円
シルバー寄付有り参加費: 50,000円
ブロンズ寄付有り参加費: 25,000円
一般参加費: 10,000円(28歳以上)
: 5,000円(28歳未満)
学生: 2,000円(※当日、学生書の掲示をお願いする場合がございます。)

詳細 に関しましては、FacebookのFinSコミュニティページもしくは下記にございます英語での説明をご覧ください。

15:30 – 17:30 学生対象 ジョブレインボーによるセミナー (事前登録必須です。アンスティチュ・フランセ東京)
18:15 – 受付開始・ウエルカムドリンク (1階のカフェにて)
18:15 – 22:00 フルーツ・イン・スーツ 4周年記念イベント 
19:00 オープニング (2階の講堂にて)
19:10 登壇者によるプレゼンテーション、講演 (2階の講堂にて)
20:00 パネルディスカッション (2階の講堂にて)
20:30 懇親会 (ラ・ブラスリー)
22:00 閉会

一般社団法人フルーツインスーツ日本 理事長 ファイクス・ローレン
鈴木茂義 (すずきしげよし)、 小学校教諭、 公立小学校
藤原和士 (ふじわらかずし) : YouTuber、LGBT activist
松岡宗嗣(まつおかそうし)一般社団法人fair 代表理事」
星賢人 (ほしけんと), 代表取締役、Job Rainbow
尾辻かなこ 衆議院議員 for the Constitutional Democratic Party



French Embassy / Institut français du Japon co-sponsored
Fruits in Suits 4th Anniversary Fête
“A Celebration of Visibility for Youth”
November 16 from 18:15 at the Institut Francais du Japon
Address: 15 Ichigaya-funagawara-machi, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 162-8415
Tickets: regular admission (adults 28 and older) 10,000 yen; young adults (27 and under) 5,000 yen. Students 2,000 yen
We are accepting donations from sponsors and individuals. Silver through Platinum sponsorship is FinS secures membership and access to all events and activities in 2019 as well as gifts. Bronze sponsorship gains access to our bonenkai and shinenkai along with gifts. We will respect those individuals or corporations who wish to remain anonymous with their donations. Full disclosure on allocations will ebe provided to donors. Details to be posted on the community page.

18:15 Registration and welcome drink (At the café)
19:00 Opening remarks (Auditorium)
19:10 Special guest speaker presentations (Auditorium)
20:00 Panel discussion (Auditorium)
20:30 Dinner and networking (Brasserie)
22:00 Closing

Mr Shigeyoshi Suzuki, elementary school educator, public school system
Mr Kazushi Fujiwara, YouTuber, LGBT activist
Mr Soshi Matsuoka, NPO Fair, Founder
Mr Kento Hoshi, CEO of Job Rainbow, iChoose LGBT Recruitment Services
Ms Kanako Otusji, member of the House of Representatives for the Constitutional Democratic Party

We look forward to welcoming you all!

*Donations can be made directly to Fruits in Suits Japan's Fruition Program at this link here:

With the support of the French Embassy in Tokyo, Fruits in Suits (FinS) will hold its 4th Annual Anniversary Fete on Friday, November 16, from 18:30 p.m., at the Auditorium of the Institut Francais du Japon.

Inform, Unite, Change. Come join us for an exciting celebration of the connections and stories of courage and authenticity from the role models and leaders who form the rainbow backbone of our LGBT+ communities. The evening’s keynote speech and panel event will center around the stories which inform, unite, and inspire positive change at the individual and societal level – particularly among our young people. Our illustrious panel of speakers span the industry spectrum (i.e. business, education, entertainment, government, and non-profits, etc.) and will represent a diversity of voices.

Connecting our young people. Leading the future will be our young people. Inspire and empower them well, and let them lead the way. This is why, this past year, we at FinS launched Fruition, our premiere LGBT mentoring program to empower young people to live authentically and find power in their differences. Fruition serves our organization’s vision to connect people – especially the young with positive role models who will inspire them to lead. In collaboration with Job Rainbow, we will also invite over 40 students and recent graduates from the Tokyo area to attend and hold a candid Q&A with our panelists and invited guests. Come join our mentees, mentors, and young people for a dynamic and powerful evening of candid storytelling and discussion.

Recognizing our Change Agents. As is every year, we will also award the Japan Pride Award to two special people—this year’s recipients are visible young people who are making significant strides for the advancement of LGBT+ community. We will recognize these agents of change and hear from them why they do what they do and how they got there.

Fête for Celebration. The evening’s event will conclude with a dinner and fête for organizers, panelists, moderator, and partners at La Brasserie (restaurant of the French Institute in Japan) to continue the conversation, connections, and celebrations forward to the next year and beyond.

While some progress has been made this past year on LGBT+ rights, there is still much more to be done. This is why we need your help and support. Come be inspired, and help us celebrate the young people leading the way forward.

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Fri Nov 16, 2018
6:15 PM - 10:00 PM JST
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Institut francais du Japon
プラチナ寄付 Platinum Donation SOLD OUT ¥100,000
ゴールド寄付 Gold Donation SOLD OUT ¥75,000
シルバー寄付 Silver Donation SOLD OUT ¥50,000
ブロンズ寄付 Bronze Donation SOLD OUT ¥25,000
一般参加費 General (28歳以上、ages 28 and over) SOLD OUT ¥10,000
一般参加費 General (27歳以下、ages 27 and under) SOLD OUT ¥5,000
学生 SOLD OUT ¥2,000
一般参加費 早割 Early Bird General Fee(全員年齢問わず、All Ages) SOLD OUT ¥5,000
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Fruits in Suits Japan

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